Three Pocket End Loader Washer-Extractors

EDRO Corp - Three Pocket End Loader Washer-Extractors

The EDRO DynaWash® three pocket end loader DW) washer-extractor range is available in 100 (45 kg), 150 (68 kg), 200 (91 kg), 300 (136 kg) and 400 (182 kg) pound models in both rigid mount and soft mount DWSM) configurations.

Rigid mount models are fixed securely to the structure's foundation. Soft mount models can be installed in laundries where the structure is able to support the static weight of a fully loaded machine.

EDRO Corporation has built more than 5,000 DynaWash® series washer-extractors. The robust design and solid construction have made this machine series a hallmark in the industry. These three pocket end loader washer-extractors represent the best value in the laundry market today. The initial investment and remarkably low operating costs drive down your cost of ownership.

DynaWash® washer-extractors feature state-of-the art DynaTrol HMi Touch Screen Control, DynOzone - DynaWash® ozone system, and single motor variable speed drives: top-quality components and cutting-edge technology. The patented DynaWash® "3-D" basket design assures the ideal wash action for outstanding laundering results and long machine life.

Typical installations include the main operating hotel and resort laundries, naval vessels, cruise ship laundries, prisons and industrial and commercial laundries.

Standard Features

► DynaTrol Touch Screen Controller

► Positioning Brake System

► 10-port Supply Injection with Hopper

► Inverter with Single Motor Drive featuring -

⇒ Variable Step Extract Alogrithm

⇒ High Slip Braking System

⇒ Field Programmable Speeds

► Stainless Steel Basket, Shaft and Tub

► DynaMount Suspension System - DWSM models

► 36 Months Warranty

Machine Options

► DynOzone - DynaWash® Ozone System

► Water Reuse Ready - Extra Drain; Water Inlet; Controls

► Redirect Drain to Rear (DW Models)

► Flushing Dry Compartment Supply

► Direct Steam Injection

► DynaCop Machine Networking

► Electric heating booster - DW100, DW150, DW200

► Vacuum Breakers

EDRO Corp - DW Washer-Extractor Installation, Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

DW Installation - Clark County Detention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.