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DynaTrol 2.0 HMi Touch Screen Control

Take command of your washer-extractors with the power and functionality of this remarkable operating control device. DynaTrol is simple enough to teach even the most basic skill sets, while offering security and sophistication for detailed programming and supervisory monitoring.

Multiple ports are built into the HMi allowing wash formula upload/download and software update capabilities. Comprehensive interfaces for communication are also incorporated to provide to machine components and outside networks without additional hardware.

The software design can incorporate all EDRO's washer-extractor models back to the early 1990s allowing retrofitting possibilities of previous control technologies. The onboard real-time clock is linked to the productivity reports, providing start/stop and error data operations. This historical and alarm data can be viewed on the display, across networks or saved to for viewing offsite.

An integrated ozone control provides maximum safety and ease of use of EDRO's powerful DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System cleaning feature.


  • 7" True analog operator interface
  • 50, 25-step field programmable wash formula capacity
  • Variable water levels, temperatures, and extract speed settings
  • Individual chemical injection points allowing two or more chemicals to be injected on the same wash step at different times
  • Algorithm timing extract step improving extract balancing
  • Manual overrides with password security
  • Onboard technical manual with Debug Input/Output troubleshooting
  • Seamless integration with DynOzone technology
  • Multi-language display
  • DynaCop machine sequence networking
  • Network capable

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