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DynOzone Ozone System

The DynOzone Ozone System is a revolutionary washer-extractor option that combines a built-in, onboard ozone generator with a high-speed machine for markedly improved washroom efficiency. This powerful machine combines all the benefits of a high-speed washer-extractor with single motor variable speed drive and fully programmable HMi touch screen control with a revolutionary onboard ozone generator. Best of all, DynOzone is a complete system that requires no extra controls, no extra wall or floor space, and no extra external machine hookups.

The system has been successfully processing laundry in hotel laundries, shirt laundries, nursing homes, fire houses, prisons, commercial laundries and other On-Premise Laundries. These installations have found that washing with DynaWash® Ozone System reduces hot water requirements and shortens cycles to save on operating costs while producing hypoallergenic odor-free laundry.

Benefits Of Using DynOzone

The DynOzone Ozone System features Power Cell technology. This revolutionary onboard system is perhaps the most efficient method available to produce and deliver a consistent output of ozone gas to a washer. It has the following benefits:

  • The ability to wash in colder water, resulting in lower water heating costs
  • Better use of chemistry, less chemical handling, reduced water pollution, less rinse water usage and shorter cycle times
  • Shorter wash cycles which require less water consumption, resulting in lower water costs and fewer rinse cycles
  • Requires no additional floor space
  • Components are an integral part of machine, wired into control and specifically sized for each
  • Requires no extra external machine connections

DynOzone - Technology

DynOzone - an air stream of charged gas molecules - is generated on site, right at the machine. It is produced by EDRO's exclusive Power Cell technology. The Power Cell exposes atmospheric air to special crystal lamps emitting both ultraviolet and infrared radiation. As air passes through the Power Cell a safe, disinfected, and sanitized air stream is created which is then injected into the wash wheel. DynOzone is not created with high-voltage electricity (corona discharge), and does not require incoming air to be dry..

What is DynOzone?

The gas produced by the Power Cell generators consists of many oxygen species including atomic oxygen and ozone. Although a component is ozone, it is much more than that. The specific wavelengths of light from the UV lamps generate a free oxygen molecule, that when added to humid air form hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide and other oxidants. These species are more powerful than bleach and heat for germicidal and bacteria kill strength, and are effective agents for oxidizing, brightening and deodorizing.

Why choose DynOzone?

The DynOzone Ozone System is a complete system. All components are built into and fully integrated with the machine. There are no separate controls, wiring or connections required and components are specifically sized for each machine. Anything that can be processed in a regular washer-extractor can be washed in the DynOzone Ozone System. But, since it cleans the natural way, DynOzone is better for the environment requiring fewer resources to attain high-quality results. DynOzone requires no extra controls, wall or floor space, and no extra external machine hookups.

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