Side Loader Washer-Extractors

EDRO Corp - Side Loader Washer-Extractors

Available in model loading capacities of up to 225 lb (102 kg) and 450lb (205 kg), EDRO's side loader washer-extractor design takes advantage of gravity assisted loading and unloading without the additional components of a machine tilting mechanism. This makes the machine extremely compact allowing for more wash capacity in less floor space.

Machine design incorporates a large automatic main door allowing for multiple load and unload positioning, proven DynaMount suspension system for reduced vibration transmission, DynaTrol 3.0 HMi touch screen controller for easy programming and operational accuracy, and inverter with single motor drive for energy efficiency. Cylinder configurations are available in either a two-pocket or three-pocket design.

Standard Features

► DynaTrol 3.0 HMi Touch Screen Controller

►DynaMount Suspension System with Reverse Loaded Springs & Shocks

► 10-port Supply Injection with Manual Hopper

► Inverter with Single Motor Drive featuring -

⇒ Variable Step Extract Alogrithm

⇒ High Slip Braking System

⇒ Field Programmable Speeds

► Stainless Steel Basket, Shaft and Tub

► Positioning Brake System

► Autoswing Main Door

► 36 Months Warranty

Machine Options

► DynOzone - DynaWash® Ozone System

► Water Reuse Ready

► Direct Steam Injection

► DynaCop Machine Networking

Exclusive inner door mechanism features positive locking engagement and easy opening operation.