Open Pocket Rigid Mount Washer-Extractors

EDRO Corp - Open Pocket Rigid Mount (NX) Washer-Extractors

The EDRO DynaWash® open pocket rigid mount (NX) washer-extractor range is available in 60 (27 kg) and 140 (64 kg) pound models.

Rigid mount models are fixed securely to the structure's foundation. The machines feature a highly efficient inverter with single motor drive setup, rugged frame and bearing assembly and state-of-the-art DynaTrol HMi Touch Screen Control.

Typical installations include the "on premise laundry" (OPL), hospitality, healthcare, dry-cleaning & wet-cleaning, industrial and uniform rental, and prison markets.

Standard Features

► DynaTrol Touch Screen Control

► Inverter with Single Motor Variable Speed Drive with High Slip & Positioning Brake System

► Five-port Liquid Supply Injection with Supply Hopper

► Vacuum Breaker

► Stainless Steel Front, Top and Side Panels

► Stainless Steel Basket and Wash Tub, Chrome Flashed Shaft

► All Electric Design

► Manufactured in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) general requirements


► Liquid/Dry Five-Compartment Supply Injection

► DynOzone - DynaWash® Ozone System

► Direct Steam Heating with Built-In Diffuser

► Electric Heating Element

► Water Reuse Ready: Extra Inlet Valve & Drain

► Flushing Compartment Dry Supply

► Viton Formulated Seals

► Stainless Steel Inlet Valves (NX140)