C-SERIES Tumbler Dryers

EDRO Corp - C-SERIES Tumbler Dryers

C-SERIES commercial tumblers dry fast and dry efficient through a balanced blend of heat and airflow. Powered by a simple, time proven microprocessor control, the machine design is strong and well thought out. The gear box drive design eliminates multiple belts and pulleys while providing a smooth, reversing action to prevent tangling and bundling. EDRO's robust constructed spider and basket assembly consists of tough tubular steel supports with a machined shaft and extruded basket perforations for a smoother surface and stronger basket. This smooth surface is comparable to a washer basket more than a typical dryer basket.

The EDRO DynaWash® C-SERIES tumbler dryer range is available in 80 (36 kg) and 110 (50 kg) pound models.

Standard Features

► Large Door Opening for Easy Loading

► Fewer Moving Parts, Simple Design

► Easy to Clean with Self-Cleaning Lint Screen

► Fully Insulated Front, Side and Rear Panels

► 36 Months Warranty

Key Features & Benefits

DMP Microprocessor Control featuring:

⇒ Five Preset Programs with Time and Temp Display

⇒ Anti-Wrinkle Tumble

⇒ ON / OFF Reversing

⇒ End of Cycle Buzzer and Extra Contacts

Drive & Gearbox - Industrial strength compact drive offering:

⇒ Efficient Transmission of Power

⇒ No Large Pulleys or Multiple Belts

⇒ Bronze Gearbox Transmission

⇒ Oversized Taper Roller Bearings

⇒ Large Capacity Oil Reservoir

⇒ Robust Cast Iron Housing

⇒ Requires Less Maintenance