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Shipboard and Marine Laundries

EDRO is a leader in the marine and shipboard laundry industry. Ocean-going vessels and offshore operations demand high-performing reliable machines, and EDRO washer-extractors and tumbler dryers are a brand of choice for shipboard and marine main laundries throughout the world. Why? Because they are tough, reliable workhorses that produce a clean wash and efficient dry at a low operational cost.

Shipboard and marine washer-extractors operate with the latest DynaTrol HMi technology. Software-specific operating systems based on EDRO-proprietary ELC washing logic allow for the most intuitive operator interface available, while providing programming security and managerial reporting for washroom efficiency. Precise function of the control means consistent results, while the machine designs save on space and water consumption. Shipboard and marine tumbler dryers feature superior machine insulation for low heat radiation, as well as high CFM air flow with efficient electric and steam heat sources.

Main shipboard and marine laundries process a variety of laundry including table and bed linens, bath and pool towels, uniforms, and other miscellaneous goods. Numerous commercial vessels and offshore platforms also benefit from the diverse programming capabilities of the machinery controls, and ozone-cleaning technology to reduce utilities and save valuable wash water.

U.S. Navy Carrier Fleets, Surface Ship Combatants, Submarines

EDRO Shipboard and Marine Laundries

For more than 50 years - beginning with the Essex-class, aircraft carrier CVS-10 USS Yorktown in 1965 - EDRO has developed an unprecedented list of shipboard and marine laundry installations. Vessels in this list include:

  • CVN-78 USS Gerald R. Ford - Ford Class aircraft carrier
  • SSGN-727 USS Michigan - Ohio Class guided missile submarine
  • DDG-1001 USS Michael Monsoor - Zumwalt Class guided missile destroyer
  • DDG-116 USS Thomas Hudner - Arleigh Burke Class destroyer
  • LPD-21 USS New York - San Antonio Class amphibious transport dock
  • LHA-7 USS Tripoli - LHA(R) Class amphibious assault ship

The U.S. Navy utilizes 20 to 200-pound capacity EDRO washer-extractors and 20 to 110-pound tumbler dryers for surface shipboard laundries, and the ultracompact DS16-SUB and M16-SUB specifically designed for submarine laundries. /p>

The equipment installed on aircraft carriers provides laundry services for up to 6,000 personnel on a daily basis. During a standard six-month deployment, aircraft carrier laundries will operate 16 to 20 hours per day, six or seven days a week, and process nearly 150,000 pounds of laundry a week. Since deployment schedules may require Naval Ships to remain at sea for sustained periods, it is imperative laundry operations remain at 100 percent capacity. The inability to provide efficient laundry service due to equipment down time has a severe detrimental effect on the crew’s morale. EDRO washer-extractors are predominant on both east and west coast aircraft carriers in addition to amphibious and surface combatants.

Special Shipboard & Marine Features

  • Tear down, modular machine designs that require no access cuts required for installation
  • Compact design with small footprints and low overhead clearances
  • Capable to tie into water reuse systems & heat exchangers

To find out more about our 16, 20, 60, 100, 150 and 200-pound capacity U.S. Navy shipboard and submarine-approved washer-extractors, visit the Navy Shipboard Washer-Extractors page.

To get more information on our 16, 50, 80 and 110-pound capacity U.S. Navy shipboard-approved tumbler dryers, visit the Navy Shipboard Tumbler Dryers page.

Cruise Ships, Commercial Vessels and Offshore Platforms

EDRO Shipboard and Marine Laundries

Ocean going vessels and offshore operations demand high performing reliable machines. With such prestigious clients as the Carnival Corporation - including the world's most famous cruise liner, Cunard's Queen Mary 2 - cruise ship lines count on the exceptional performance of EDRO washer-extractors.

The overall compact design of the machines, thanks to innovative design techniques, allows for larger-capacity machines in smaller spaces, while our three pocket models best prevent tangling and bundling of bed and table linens.

Numerous commercial vessels and offshore platforms also benefit from the diverse programmability of the machinery controls, and the ozone-cleaning technology to reduce utilities and save on valuable wash water.

Clients Include:

  • Coast Guard cutters
  • Dry cargo/ammunition ships
  • Mercy Hospital ships
  • Offshore oil platforms and remote camps
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