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EDRO Announces New Ozone Product Website


EAST BERLIN, CT – EDRO Corporation, manufacturer of battleship-quality laundry equipment, announced today the launch of a new sister website - www.getdynozone.com.

The new site introduces EDRO’s groundbreaking DDC400 DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet with exclusive PowerCell ozone technology. It also carries information about its successful, tried-and-tested DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System and shows why ozone is not only environmentally friendly but of great benefit in the ongoing fight against infectious diseases.

The DynOzone Disinfecting & Sanitizing Laundry System is a complete, all-in-one system. All DynOzone components are built into and fully integrated within the machine. DynOzone laundry systems have been successfully processing laundry in hotel laundries, shirt laundries, nursing homes, firehouses, prisons, commercial laundries, and other on-premise laundries since 2006.

“We are excited to launch this brand-new, easy-to-navigate website,” said EDRO’s Sales & Marketing Manager, David Burnham. “The site gives visitors an overview of the DDC400 DynOzone Disinfecting Cabinet. We are excited about this latest addition to the EDRO product line and are looking forward to the cabinet becoming a milestone product for the company.”

“As EDRO continues to grow, we are always looking for new ways to further put the company on the map. The “Get DynOzone” site is the ideal call to action for interested parties to acquire more information about the DDC400.”

The site will be updated regularly with demonstration videos, product releases, and informative posts about ozone. It will also be active on social media with pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

“We have a lot of guys that have been here for a long time. They have a ton of experience and take a huge amount of pride in what they’re doing. That’s a key point for our company,” she continued.

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