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Better Washing Through Technology

Making Battleship Quality laundry equipment is a passion and a way of life at EDRO.
Our washer-extractors, tumbler dryers and ozone systems are made to last and built to perform.

Laundry Equipment

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Washer-Extractors Tumbler Dryers Ozone Touch Screen Control
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About EDRO Corporation

A successful business model since 1946, EDRO designs, manufactures, and supports a range of laundry washer-extractors, tumbler dryers, and ozone systems for use in non-residential laundry operations. The company is best known for its shipboard and marine installations, which include the main laundries of United States Navy surface ship combatants, aircraft carriers and submarines, EDRO machines are also installed in land-based laundries throughout the world. Battleship quality construction, along with cutting edge innovations set its machines apart from the competition.

  • EDRO answers the COVID-19 call on USNS Comfort

    When the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort arrived at New York City Harbor’s Pier 90 on March 30th, hundreds of people momentarily forgot about social distancing and stood shoulder-to-shoulder along to witness its arrival. The Comfort - a beacon of hope for...

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  • EDRO's Ozone System Disinfects

    Before the current health crisis, did you ever stop and take a moment to wonder how many ways our lives, and the lives of others, can be affected by viruses and the bacteria that cause them? Diseases can be spread, primarily, through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. However, it can also spread...

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  • DynaTrol HMi Touch Screen Control Version 3.0

    The next generation of washer-extractor controller is here. Introducing DynaTrol 3.0. With is extensive program step and event memory, and simple and intuative navigation, the control operating system is simple enough to use for the basic...

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