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Clean ’19 Sees EDRO Focus on Commercial Awareness

Considered by many in the industry as solely a supplier of laundry equipment to the US Navy, the EDRO Corporation went to Clean ‘19 with one goal in mind – to relaunch the long-established brand into the commercial marketplace.

“Since the management re-structure earlier in the year, it was our intention to use the Clean Show to remind the industry that EDRO not only manufactures military-spec machines but we also manufacture commercial laundry equipment,” said CEO Joe Futcher.

During the course of the four-day event in New Orleans, a large number of interested customers visited the EDRO booth and interacted with the management team who were present with a range of the company’s “battleship quality” washer-extractors, tumbler dryers, and ozone systems.

Among the machines displayed were the ESL450 side loader washer-extractor with the new DynaTrol 3.0 HMI touch screen control panel and a DW400SM soft mount three-pocket end loader washer-extractor that was on its way to Hotel Barcelo Playa Tambor in Retsca, Costa Rica after the show. Also garnering a lot of interest was the EDRO range of C-SERIES tumbler dryers (80lb and 110lb models) and NX range of rigid mount washer-extractors (60lb and 140lb models). The smaller capacity of these machines making an ideal pairing for smaller laundry room setups and fire departments.

“EDRO has commercial equipment in some pretty high-profile locations, including the prestigious Queen Mary 2 cruise liner, and several hotels in the Hard Rock chain. We also have machines in numerous correctional facilities, fire departments, and universities,” Futcher continued.

“The show was a successful venture. The perfect launchpad to break out of the ‘pigeon hole’ we’ve been placed in over the years and raise awareness about our commercial machine ranges. There were numerous occasions when the booth was swamped with visitors. It was good to see. We generated a lot of interest in our commercial laundry equipment and received some great feedback from existing and, hopefully, new customers.

“One of our aims was to establish a new, dynamic core of distributors across the USA and we succeeded with nine companies signing on the dotted line to join our family of authorized dealers. We also established several new avenues for potential sales.

“We want people to know that EDRO machines are built for life and a worthwhile investment for any laundry operation,” Futcher stated.

“When we say our machines are “Battleship quality” it isn’t just some fancy marketing tag line, it’s a documented fact. They’re built to last and built to perform. We have fully operational machines out there that are more than fifty years old and still giving faultless service to their owners.”

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